Primal Connection News

This Year:
2015 marks year five living, and forging a
living, in the heat of the desert not far outside
the bustle of Phoenix, AZ.  This year I'm
putting a focus on edged tools.  We're also
putting our skills to practice with a bit more
intensity now that the kids are catching up with
me.  If you can make it in the desert condition,
you can make it anywhere!

Fire Pistons:
Cocobolo is the most popular material from
which the tools are made modernly.  
Unfortunately, Cocobolo has been returned to
the endangered species list and supplies from
the responsible farms have simply
disappeared.  A short look into the matter
revealed that China has purchased Cocobolo
in massive quantities, leaving little left for the
rest of the world.  I've made changes to my site
to reflect this change.
What I Stand For...
All of my tools are unique original designs inspired by primitive examples.  
Each order is made with the individual needs of each customer in mind.

• 35 years experience making survival tools
• No outsourcing.  
(Each item is hand-made, custom fit and tested by me before shipping.)
• Fast Turn Around
• I Stand behind my workmanship 100%
• And of course, everything is Made in America.
"I have a lifetime guarantee on my workmanship. I feel that pride in our
unique skills and talents is a lost value in our modern culture and I stand
behind my workmanship 100% with service or replacement."
"I have to say,... your fire strikers are the best I've
ever seen!"  
Tai Goo, master bladesmith, founder
and moderator of the Primal Fires community.
I dunk just the surface in the quench and let the heat
dissipate from the upper portion. After the upper
portion has stopped glowing and turns black, I fully
dunk it. This creates a surface that throws lots of
huge sparks while leaving the gripping area less
hardened for durability.
My favorite UK board and magazine.  Here you will find many experts in the field of
bushcraft living and survival. Take a look at their articles area for a collaboration of some
of the best written articles and tutorials on a wide range of subjects.
So you've been wanting to get into blacksmithing.  This is the place to go.  Learn from
experts such as Tai Goo, get tips, trade secrets, debate steels, and trade  knives in the
KITHs.  Over all, a fun site to be part of.
A board with a wealth of information from many experts across a wide range of primitive
living skills and ancient arts.  Tom has done a great job in maintaining this board and
keeping this site primitive while making an inviting place for us all to share our knowledge
and learn from others.