What's New....
We are moving from Minnesota to Arizona from Thursday May 5th to
May 9th.  Thank you for your patience and understanding leading up
to this move and for the first couple weeks after as I get caught up on
my emails and orders.  See you at the SW vous' & cowboy meetups!
Whats new in 2011
This year is going to be a big year for Primal Connection.  
Look for an expanded collection of tomahawks, knives and other
blade tools as well as rendezvous accouterments.  Speaking of
rendezvous, this is year five of rendezvousing.  Ive been given many a
smithing challenge at rendezvous' and enjoy using my skills to make
new things.  If you have special requests, just let me know and I'll try
my best.   You'll find me demonstrating at a number of 'vous this year
so come out and join the fun and bring the whole family!  
Fire Pistons as used by "Survivorman" are found here.   
Imagine our surprise when we saw a model that we had been selling
exclusively through Midwest Native Skills Institute being used on the
Alaskan episode of "Survivorman" by Les Stroud.  
What I Stand For...
All of my tools are unique original designs inspired by primitive examples.  
Each order is made with the individual needs of each customer in mind.

  • 30 years experience making survival tools
  • No outsourcing.  Each item is hand-made, custom fit and tested
    personally by me before shipping.
  • Fastest turn around on the web
  • I stand behind my workmanship 100%
Skull Friction Folder Knife
Small Sewing Ulu Knife
Sinew Backed Bow
Flint & Steel Strikers
Fire Piston Kit
$5 Fire Piston
Double Monkey Tail Striker
Blowing Tinder Bundle into Flame
Tinder Cap Fire Piston
Striker Bathed in Fire
Custom Flint and Steel Striker
Survival Kit
"I have a lifetime guarantee on my workmanship. I feel that pride in our unique
skills and talents is a lost value in our modern culture and I stand behind my
workmanship 100% with service or replacement."
"One of the top wilderness schools two years in a row in 2004-2005.  
Midwest Native Skills Institute (MNSI) is a non-military Wilderness /
Outdoor School located in OHIO offering comprehensive classes in
wilderness survival so that you can deal with any situation you may
encounter with little or even no equipment.  Each product on this site has
been tested by MNSI instructors and staff in survival situations. We have
found these products to be some of the best and most reliable on the
market. We only offer "field proven" products on our web site."
Survival books, earth skill classes, journals, articles, Society of Primitive
Living, 3Rivers Park, Green University, plant identification courses....The
list goes on.  Check out Granny Smiths store for a large variety of
wilderness and survival products.  A very extensive site that will have you
reading and looking around for hours.
Muzzle Loading & Black Powder Breech Loading Guns,
Gun Kits, Parts, Books, Rendezvous & Re-Enactment Gear & Primitive
American Accessories.  Track of the Wolf is world known for their superior
products and customer service.  There catalog is 430 pages long and
growing with one of the largest varieties of reenacting products in the
world,with their primary focus on muzzle loading.  
Get the opportunity to bid for your
favorite items.  Find new products and
custom items that you may only see
from Primal Connection once in a life
time.  Get Yahoo exclusive items and
other offers not available on my site.
D&B Primitive Forgeworks
The Cave
"Come.  Enter The Cave. Sit by the fire and feast
with us. Share with my tribe the stories of your
journeys.  We'll share with you our craft, our
tradition, our dance.  With the rising smoke of
the pipe and the crackle of the fire, you will feel
at home."
So you've been wanting to get into
blacksmithing.  This is the place to go.  
Learn from experts such as Tai Goo, get
tips, trade secrets, debate steels, and trade
knives in the KITHs.  Over all, a fun site to
be part of.
My favorite UK board and magazine.  Here
you will find many experts in the field of
bushcraft living and survival. Take a look
at their articles area for a collaboration of
some of the best written articles and
tutorials on a wide range of subjects.
A board with a wealth of information from
many experts across a wide range of
primitive living skills and ancient arts.  
Tom has done a great job in maintaining
this board and keeping this site primitive
while making an inviting place for us all to
share our knowledge and learn from others.
Old world knives, forged without electric
tools.  Knives with the spirit of the flame in
their blades.  Tim & Marian Lively do an
outstanding job making knives and offer
the greatest unplugged knife making DVD
you'll ever see.
Check out THE best DVD's on survival
here.  Join the forum and make friends
with the other hoodlums.  Trade
knowledge and learn new ideas.
His forums are temporarily closed but
check out the latest news about your
favorite TV star.
Virtual home of the magazine dedicated to
bow making.  Whether it be a self bow or a
traditional bow that you've been wanting
to make, find all the information you need
to know here.  Join the forums to find
more information and share knowledge
with other bowyers.  You will find a solid
range of beginners to the professionals.
Join the outdoor magazine team on the
many forums on their board.  You will see
many experts in many different fields.  
Also subscribe to their magazine and enjoy
reading the articles.
Mike is a very skilled knapper who has
spent most of his life enjoying and
recreating the beauty that a stone tool
holds.  Your primitive kit is not complete
until you have one of these his well
knapped knives and a collection of points
from this craftsman.